2018 Efforts to Manage Invasive Aquatic Weeds Underway

Aquatechnex has been working with the Loon Lake LMD to develop a treatment program to deal with the Hybrid Milfoil present in Loon Lake, and to target a new invader, Curly Leaf Pondweed.

The Hybrid Milfoil problem is being addressed by a operational research program funded by the LMD and the Washington Department of Ecology.  In the fall of 2017, milfoil plants were collected and shipped to a research lab that specializes in management of invasive aquatic weeds at North Carolina State University.  These plants were established and grown out, separated into study tanks and treated with multiple rates of different aquatic herbicides.  This research will allow us to pick the best combination of herbicides and rates to target this growth in the coming year.

In the shorter term, our intention is to treat the growth present with Diquat, a contact herbicide that will provide rapid relief and knock down the problem vegetation in the littoral areas of the lake.

We will be mailing the required public notice to shoreline homeowners this week, and scheduling treatment either the week of the 18th of June or early the week of the 25th.

We will be posting the exact dates and a treatment map at this site closer to the date of treatment so please check back.


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