Summer of 2017

This past year, Aquatechnex biologists discovered that Loon Lake was subject to a infestation of Hybrid Milfoil, this plant is a cross between Eurasian Milfoil and native northern Milfoil.  We discovered this when this plant did not respond as rapidly to a systemic herbicide treatment in June of last year as it should have.  We then treated with an second herbicide in September of last year.

This year we are working with your LMD to develop treatment strategies to address hybrid milfoil.  This work is partially funded by a grant that we helped your LMD obtain from the Washington Department of Ecology.  The plan is to collect plants, do additional DNA analysis, perform herbicide studies to optimize a recommendation then provide control.

At this point it appears that the combination of both herbicide treatments last summer has suppressed much of the problem growth in the lake.  We plan to evaluate this in the coming week and start the process of sampling and making treatment decisions.  This is primarily based on member of your LMD doing survey work and not locating problem growth in the lake to this point.  Should that change we will address the situation.


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