Hybrid Milfoil Discovery and Treatment Update

Aquatechnex was hired by your LMD to implement our proposal submitted two years ago to target and control Eurasian Milfoil in June of this year.  We mapped milfoil present in June and performed an application to target Eurasian Milfoil in late June.  The results have been monitored and have been found to be lacking.

One condition that has been appearing in some Pacific Northwest Lakes, especially in North Idaho, is a hybrid milfoil which is a cross between Eurasian and Native milfoil species.  This can happen over time when 2,4-D treatments have been used extensively and aggressively.  The only way to really confirm this is through DNA testing.

In late August our team collected and shipped nine samples from a number of sites in Loon Lake to GenPASS, a lab that specializes in aquatic plant DNA testing.  All nine samples came back today as hybrid.

We will be posting Loon Lake today and treating tomorrow with Diquat herbicide.  Diquat is a contact herbicide that will kill all of the milfoil plants in the water column and provide relief from the problem posed.  Diquat is not a systemic herbicide, but we will work with your LMD board over the winter to develop a treatment strategy to target this new threat to the lake.

For more information, http://michiganlakeinfo.com/uploads/Hybrid_Milfoil_Riparian_2015.pdf

A treatment map will be posed later today after discussion with LMD members.


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